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Long story short, I watched the new episode.
Now time to go back to real work. 

I feel these jokes don’t work because they are cats.

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Anonymous sent:

I'm so sorry you had to torture yourself to give me that description. I myself am a fan of dubs, but I couldn't even get past a full 20 seconds of hearing that dub. I really appreciate the sacrifice you made for me. You deserve an award or a seal of approval

Relating to my pain by watching even 20 seconds of it is reward enough, Anon. 

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Anonymous sent:

I kind of want to see how you'd describe their voices now...

For the Fairy Tail Animax dub? 
Man, it’s definitely inferior to the FUNimation dub. Now I haven’t heard everyone’s voices. Since I really only watched a clip and one episode ( I am surprised I last the entire episode to be honest, but I am a glutton for punishment, let’s not kid ourselves.) But some of the voices I have sat through are just so goofy, over the top, or have accents that are unexplained and not needed that I can’t describe them as anything other than that. It didn’t realize how hard it was to describe these voices and acting ( plus, I know I come off as a hypocrite because often times or not, I defend dubs that get too much hate and yet here I am criticizing this one.)

The ones I can easily ‘describe’/give my reaction to are but a few. Here we go.

That are only some of them though. I mean really, if you want to gather with some friends and watch it- the Animax dub can be very entertaining if you are just watching it to make fun of it or as a comedy. It definitely ruins really important and serious scenes by making them funny as hell by how bad the voices, line delivery and acting is. 
I only made that post about the dubbed voices of these two companies after I saw a post of someone saying that Natsu has a deeper voice than Gajeel in the English dub, and while I haven’t heard Gajeel’s animax dubbed voice ( I DON’T WANT TO.)- that definitely doesn’t apply to the FUNimation dub. 

And even with all that said, would you believe that this still isn’t the worst English dub I have heard so far?

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Whenever I find posts of people talking about how awful the Fairy Tail dub is, I can’t help but wonder if they had the misfortune of stumbling across the Animax dub.

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Hi! I had been following you on DeviantArt for a very long time and now I follow you on here, you are one of my favourite artists! You have also inspired me to dust off my tablet and draw again! I just wanted to ask; Did the show Totally Spies happen to influence your artwork at all? It's just that the way it is drawn reminds me of your work. (I hope this doesn't manage to offend (╯ಊ╰) )

Actually no- but I can see why you would think that now that I think about it. 
Osamu Tezuka’s works ( Kimba The White Lion, Unico, Astro Boy) and Disney movies were my childhood inspirations. Though the Osamu Tezuka part might be a little more obvious with my earlier works than my recent ones. 

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Mavis: Zeira, Nooooo!
Zeira: Just kidding! I am not dead, I was just fuckin’ with ya!
Mavis: ……………….not cool, man. 

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You're not doing the Gajevy Love Week? Awwwwww

Holy Mother of pearl…
You guys ARE aware what Gajevy Love Fest Week is about right? Why are you even asking me to contribute?! I don’t do anything else other than draw the Fairy Tail characters as Exceeds. EXCEEDS! CATS! MAGICAL CATS
People are supposed to enjoy this week, not see content that will gross them out.

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project-auricom sent:

1, 8, 20.

1. When did you get into art?
I was into art for all long as I could remember actually, so can’t pin point the exact moment when I got into it. I would doodle on everything, and I mean EVERYTHING!

8. What is your favourite piece that you have done?
I am going to go with one I did this year.
20. How would you rank your art? (poor, mediocre, good, etc.)
*nervous chuckling* 

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So, it’s the weekend and maybe I’m a little bored so I’m doing this artist ask meme thing I saw floating around awhile ago. So ask away if you’ve ever wanted to know any of these things! :D


Put a number in my ask box!:

  1. When did you get into…
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Gonna contribute to the Gajevy Love Fest week?

Are you freaking kidding me dude?! I draw them as cats, man!

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