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WTF. It’s called ANIMAL PLANET, not stupid-reality-shows-about-people building-pools-and-living-on-ice-planet. 
And people wonder why I don’t watch this channel anymore. 

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Anonymous sent:

Top 10 favorite characters from cartoons/anime/video games/etc.?

Top 10 list for ALL OF THAT AT ONCE?! Okay, For the sake of my sanity, I am going to break them all in sections.

( These are not in any specific order)



Video Games:

Whew, I’m exhausted now.


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Got Any Ones?

Commission for VexVamp

If you want to share, please reblog from here.

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Anonymous sent:

I know that exceeds are part of the fairy tail universe, I just think I should probably take a break from seeing your fanart, seeing as it's making me want to see all these different characters as exceeds now. By the way, that wasn't supposed to be read in a rude or defensive way. Just thought I'd say that in case you took it the wrong way. Anyways, see ya- oh great, now I wanna see Exceed!Ryuko swinging a scissor sword... Yeah, I'm definitely taking a break from your work ^_^'

Bye Bye, Whoever you were.~

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Anonymous sent:

What are your top 5 animes?

( These are not in any specific order )

1. Kimba The White Lion
2. Fairy Tail
3. Ghost Stories ( The Dub only )
4. Kill la Kill
5. Good Luck Girl

There are many others that I like though. I kinda wish you asked for the top 10. lol

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kittywolfiegirlx sent:

so xashleymxartz what's your favorite flavor of pie?

I don’t eat that much pie compared to cake, but I do love Lemon Meringue Pie. 

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Anonymous sent:

I kind of want to see an Exceed!Maka and Soul for some reason... I'm not asking you to draw it, I'm just asking you if that seems way too weird. I think I've seen a little too much of your Fairy Tail fanart...

I hate to break the news to you, Anon. But you will be continuing to see Fairy Tail Exceed fanart from me, like I said- it’s my latest obsession and since I suck at drawing humans I just draw them as Exceeds instead. I try to balance it out by drawing some other fanart here and there as well as posting the commissions that I do, ( and I barely draw original artwork anymore) not like anyone ever really pay attention to those but I digress. So I am sorry if you don’t want to see anymore but you can always just ignore that or ignore me, simple as that. 

Also, drawing Soul and Maka as Exceeds is STILL Fairy Tail related, I mean- where do you think Exceeds came from? I didn’t make them up. You can’t just say you seen too much of my Fairy Tail fanart and then want something still from the Fairy Tail universe. That’s like saying you are tired of someone drawing a lot of Pokemon fanart but you would like to see your favorite characters as Pokemon. 

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The more I plan and sketch out concepts for Bizarro Adventure ( My own little comic creation that I want to do in the FAR future, which I mentioned in a previous post in case anyone missed it.), the more it’s starting to remind me of Fairy Tail and just Hiro Mashima’s work in general in terms of expression and character traits. Heck, even when drawing some of my old dog characters is starting to remind me of it. Anything that inspires me usually effects my work even if I don’t realize it, and Hiro Mashima’s work is starting to effect my own. That doesn’t sound weird does it?

Is that a sign that I need to back away from my current obsession or…just not care and just continue to work on concepts ( which I still don’t really want to share for various reasons) til I pass out?

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You know, I can’t even get even the slightest bit annoyed at the off model shots anymore. It’s just laughable now- seriously that meeting of the guilds, I mean…Hahahaha, look at their faces, Cana’s especially. At least Gajeel looked good.

I know complaining about the lack of blood is pretty much a lost cause at this point and people are getting annoyed by it ( but we can still acknowledge that it does make the scenes look less serious- Natsu might as well have been fighting a kitten, an EVIL kitten.), but putting that aside I am still wondering how they are going to handle THAT ONE scene that is coming up later. Are they just gonna go through with it seeing as there is no way to avoid it or make it bloodless without looking extremely silly, are they just going to have blood flying since they seem to be fine with blood flying in the air or dripping on objects and hands- but not actually dripping out of characters, or are they just gonna have it completely off screen with only a lingering shot of Juvia’s reaction, I am curious to say the least. 

PS: If any of my followers are getting tired of seeing these posts from me and only want to see the art, blacklist “Pointless Post”. I tag these as such for your pleasure of not seeing me ramble on about stuff.

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Anonymous sent:

Have you ever thought about redrawing some of your follower's old drawings? Perhaps as some outside inspiration.


Sarcastic Sugar Sprinkles aside. I’m not trying to toot my own horn here, but that sounds less like ‘outside inspiration’ and more like someone wants free art drawn by me for some reason and trying to put it off as “But..That’s outside inspiration for YOOOOOOOU!”. I redrew my old art to see my improvement over the years ( mostly because I want to revive these characters), and this does not involve anyone else. It’s about my changes/improvement in my artwork, not any of my followers’ artwork. 

I don’t see how it’s “inspirational” for me to redraw someone else art for some reason. I mean…what kind of dick would I be to go my followers’ blogs and browse through their artwork just so I can find a picture to redraw instead of just appreciating the art itself and call that ‘inspiration’? The only way I would redraw someone else’s art who is a follower of mine is that they paid me and it was their picture. Because clearly they are cool with it. I know how it feels to want to see how someone else would capture the characters in their style ( Lord knows whenever I create a character even the slightest bit human, I am curious how a person who is really good at drawing humans would make them look.), but to redraw a picture for the same reason I redrew my old pictures. No…just no, that just feels extremely dickish and I wouldn’t be comfortable in doing it. Sorta like a “Nice Art, but I can do it better…or worse. Whatever." Now if I really like a person’s character a lot, I would just draw the character for them and give them as gift art or something or leave a compliment and they can do more of that awesome stuff that’s inspiring. 

I know I redrew the Alpha and Omega pups, and I plan to do some screenshot redraws from my favorite shows, but I don’t consider them the same thing and now I am starting to feel bad because of the screenshot idea because it makes me sound hypocritical. Besides, it’s far more inspirational to enjoy someone’s else work and improvement they do themselves, not because you redrew it. 
Forgive me for I am not good at words or explaining myself, this is rather all over the place, but I hope you get the point, anon. 

TL;DR: No. 

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